We offer customized services to meet the unique needs of clients who have a wide range of beliefs, goals, and budgets. Seismic Philanthropy can tackle short-term projects to address immediate strategic decisions as well as provide long-term execution of giving plans (sometimes as an alternative to hiring additional full-time staff). 

We partner with individuals, families, and institutions in the following ways to help them achieve seismic impact with their philanthropy:

  • Applying the Epicenter Giving System™ to gain greater impact and joy from giving

  • Developing and revitalizing long-term giving strategies

  • Planning and facilitating strategic planning retreats

  • Clarifying values, mission, and goals to determine a primary giving focus

  • Offering independent and objective advice, coaching, and strategy

  • Conducting due diligence and identifying giving opportunities

  • Identifying other aligned funders and learning partners

  • Engaging and empowering next generation family members

  • Preparing for succession planning

  • Serving as an intermediary with nonprofits to preserve client anonymity

  • Reviewing grant proposals and preparing board dockets

  • Evaluating impact of grants

Seismic shakes things up when your charitable giving requires outside perspective, when significant change is taking place within your organization or family, or when your philanthropy needs more time and deeper focus than you can provide.